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Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game Game by Jason C. Hill


My God, They've Taken the...

Play Immediately

Roll a Random Building and place a Taken Over marker on it.

Place a Zombie from the Zombie Pool in each empty space of this building. No Hero may enter this building or Search here. If the building has already been Taken Over, Re-roll. Zombies placed here may not move this turn.

Remains in Play

Image:Counter TakenOver.jpg

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Notes from Board Game Geek

Q. If you roll the die and the result is either ‘Zombie's’ or ‘Hero's Choice’, does that let that player pick a specific building, or just a specific zone (requiring that an additional die be rolled to determine the specific building)?

A. Whenever a 'Hero's Choice' or 'Zombies' Choice' is rolled for a Random Building, they may choose the specific Building itself. The building chosen must be eligible (it has the two or three 'random roll' numbers in the corner of the building). If something is being placed inside the building, like a New Spawning Pit, the specific space of that building is always chosen by the player who controls whatever is being placed.

Q. When Heroes/Zombies choose a Random Building, how exactly does it work? They choose the specific building or do they choose the leg and die chooses the building?

A. When Zombies or Heroes get to 'Choose' the Random Building, they may pick any building on the entire board that they want (as long as it is a valid choice - a building that could normally be selected by 'rolling').

Q. If all Zombies are out where do the other Zombies come from? It says to place a Zombie in every square of the building.

A. If all Zombies are already on the board, then you don't place any new ones, but the building is still taken over.

Q. Playing the "Burn 'Em Out!" scenario, Nurse Betty was two steps away from a spawn point in the Hospital, Zombie player draws the ‘My God, They've Taken the...’ card and gets Zombie Player's Choice so of course picks the Hospital. Now the card only says that players may not enter the building and that if already there cannot search. My question is, did Nurse Betty have to immediately leave the building on her next move (this is how it was played) or could she still have gone to the spawn pit and destroyed it?

A. She can stay and try to attack the point. There is no suggestion that a player has to ‘get out’ of a building that has been taken over. The only limitations as what you mentioned, that they can't ENTER and if they are inside they can't SEARCH. They are allowed to stay there and fight Zombies if they desire...or in your case, go after the spawn pit. Of course it would be quite a dangerous situation assuming that a heap of Zombies just arrived! Tommy Dean

This is correct. Becky the Nurse could continue on her mission to blow up the spawn pit. The only restrictions (as listed) are that you can't Enter the building and, if already there, you can't search. This does not preclude you from moving around the building and in this scenario, destroying the spawn pit.

Q. This is a question for the ‘My God, They’ve Taken The…’ Card and 2 Zombie Players. If Zombie Player #1 is out of Zombies in his Pool, and Zombie Player #2 has 3, say Zombie player #1 plays the ‘My God, They’ve Taken the…’ card. Can the Zombies come from the 2nd Player's Pool? On the card it says take from ‘the’ Zombie Pool. Also what are the rules for when you can take Zombies from everyone's Pool, or just your own? We saw the rule saying take from ‘YOUR’ Zombie Pool, but didn't see any cards specifically saying that.

A. In a 2 Zombie Player game, each player has their own Zombie Pool of 7 models. When a card says 'the Zombie Pool', it refers to your Zombie Pool of 7. You may never place another player's Zombie on the board. Also keep in mind that with ‘My God, They've Taken the...’ the building is always Taken Over even if no new Zombies are placed.

Q. When playing with the advanced rules I was playing as the Nurse and was in the Hospital. On a random roll the Hospital was Taken Over with two Zombies inside on the space with the Hero and only three Zombies in the Zombie Pool left (everyone else was busy). In distributing the Zombies, my GF wanted to place all the new Zombies on the space with the Hero - Do the newly spawned Zombies that are taking over have to be evenly distributed on open (unoccupied) spaces?

A. With ‘My God, They've Taken the...’, the Zombies must be placed in empty spaces (that means no Hero and no other Zombies there).

I should also point out that some buildings have smaller, walled-off areas within them, such as the Hospital (in this case, the Morgue). These areas are still part of the larger building as a whole and are only walled-off to affect movement, sight, and for theme. Individual buildings ALWAYS have a Random Number set in one of the corners (1,2,3 etc.). This is probably important enough to warrant a mention in the rules and is already part of the forthcoming Errata (soon, I promise).

I think that just about covers it.

Q. If the Zombie Player plays ‘My God, They've Taken the..’ card and randomly rolls the building and gets the Hospital so he starts filling up the Hospital with Zombies can the Heroes say ‘Wait! We play Principal Gomez and cancel that card’... question is does Principal Gomez cancel the card before any Zombies are placed or do the Zombies still get placed?

A. As a general rule, a card may not be canceled after it has caused dice to be rolled (or re-rolled). In your example of ‘My God, They've Taken the...’, you could either cancel the card before the Random Building has been rolled, or wait until the card has fully been played (placing Zombies etc); then once the card is left on the table as 'Remains in Play', cancel it. This would remove the Taken Over marker but leave the new Zombies in play.

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