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A Touch of Evil, The Supernatural Game Game by Jason C. Hill


A Touch of Evil: Hero Pack Two

The Hero Pack 2 Expansion for A Touch of EvilĀ® introduces 4 new Heroes, each with a highly-detailed plastic miniature as well as the corresponding Hero Character Sheet on the same high-quality, glossy cardstock to match the rest. These four new Heroes include Sara, the Bright Witch; Jack Fellows, Privateer; Frederic Leon, the Foreign Diplomat from distant France; and Abigail Sturn, Student of the Occult, once just an Ally, now a playable Hero in her own right. Each new Hero has their own Unique abilities and skills, making them a valuable asset on the hunt for the creature terrorizing Shadwbrook. ATOE: Hero Pack 2 also features several New Game Cards and a deadly new Villain to hunt, The Reaper!


The Hero Pack Two Expansion for A Touch of EvilĀ® was released in September 2012.


ATOE HeroPack2 Rulebook


A Touch of Evil Hero Pack Two
Event Mystery The Manor Windmill Abandoned Keep Olde Woods
(2) Shocking Discovery
(1) Ritual of Protection
(2) Lightning
(1) It's Getting Closer
(1) The Witching Hour
(1) Wooden Chest
(1) The Cold Terror
(1) Forest of Death
A Touch of Evil, The Supernatural Game **************************************************************************************************



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