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Shadows of Brimstone Game by Jason C. Hill
Shadows of Brimstone
Shadows of Brimstone

There was a town, if you could call it that, named Brimstone; a small railway stop on the edge of the hottest deserts in the southwest territory. Barely a speck, it didn’t even show up on most maps… That is, until they found the Dark Stone.

Barely a speck, it didn’t even show up on most maps.

Digging in the hills, an old prospector came across a strange nugget he had never seen before, a black rock, part way between a crystal and a metal ore. But there was something special about that rock, it had a glow you could only see out of the corner of yer eye and was warm to the touch. It had properties folks said were magik, and of course, that caused a stir. Within days they found more of it buried in the earth, and stories started to spread. Business men and scholars started offering top dollar for even the smallest shard of the stuff, and that opened the floodgates.

It was a gold rush, but not for gold; for the black rock… The Dark Stone. People came from all over to try and make their fortune, and Brimstone boomed over night. They dug mines in every scrap of land they could get a hold of. Round the clock they worked, digging deeper and deeper into the earth, bringing up cartloads full of the rock and sending it back to town to be stockpiled and sold to the highest bidder.

What they didn’t know, what nobody knew, was that the energy in the Dark Stone resonated with itself. As they collected more and more of the rocks all in one place, it started to cascade, until… It exploded. In a flash, the town was consumed and a shockwave rolled out across the desert, burning the trees and tainting the land

Reality itself was being ripped apart, and the people along with it. Dark portals to other worlds started tearing open across the countryside, pulling people in and unleashing all manner of demons and creatures into our world. Wherever there was Dark Stone these gateways would appear; some only flickering open for an instant, others opened and stayed that way.

Dark portals to other worlds started tearing open across the countryside, pulling people in and unleashing all manner of demons and creatures into our world.

That was 6 months ago. Since then, demonic creatures of all kinds have been pouring out of the mines, and the scorched hell on earth that is…was Brimstone. The government denies its existence, and anyone sane steers clear of the whole area, but plenty of folks find they can’t help but be drawn in, whether it’s to try and help somehow or just to find a fortune of their own, doesn’t matter. Everyone wants to be a hero. Damn fools. No one ever escapes… the Shadows of Brimstone.


Shadows of Brimstone

Shadows of Brimstone Encyclopedia

Shadows of Brimstone Rulebooks

Each of the Core Sets contains the same Rulebook and a unique Adventure Book.

Download Ruleook here [|Shadows of Brimstone Rulebook PDF]

Core Box Sets

Each Core Set is a fully playable, stand-alone game, but can also be an expansion for the other Core Set, doubling the amount of material. The two Core Sets share a common Rulebook, CD Soundtrack, and some cards. Otherwise, they are completely unique with different Heroes, Enemies, Game Board Tiles, OtherWorlds, Gear, Artifacts, etc.

City of the Ancients Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients Core Set

Swamps of Death Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death Core Set


  • Doorways into Darkness Expansion
  • OtherWorld: Caverns of Cynder Expansion
  • Frontier Town Expansion
  • OtherWorld: Trederra Deluxe Expansion
  • OtherWorld: Derelict Ship Expansion

Enemy Packs

  • Masters of The Void Deluxe Enemy Pack
  • Hell Vermin Enemy Pack
  • Guardian of Targa XL-Sized Enemy Pack
  • Swamp Slugs of Jargono Enemy Pack
  • Serpentmen of Jargono Deluxe Enemy Pack
  • Custodians of Targa and Targa Pylons Enemy Pack
  • Trun Hunters Enemy Pack
  • Dark Stone Hydra XL-Sized Enemy Pack
  • Harvesters From Beyond Enemy Pack
  • Trederran Raiders Enemy Pack
  • The Scafford Gang Deluxe Enemy Pack
  • Dark Stone Brutes Enemy Pack
  • The Scafford Gang Deluxe Enemy Pack
  • Swamp Raptor XL-Sized Enemy Pack
  • Sand Kraken XXL-Sized Enemy Pack

Card Supplements

  • Dead Man's Bounty
  • Treasures of the Void
  • Badlands Expedition
  • Artifacts: Targa #1
  • Artifacts: Jargono #1
  • Artifacts: Cynder #1
  • Edge of the Abyss: Growing Dread
  • Blood Money
  • Ancient Terrors: Targa Encounters
  • Murky Confrontations: Jargono Encounters

Dark Stone Forge Resin Models

These are models cast in-house at the Flying Frog Studio. Therefore, they are in limited quantities and are exclusively available directly from Flying Frog on the Web Store or at conventions.

  • Resin Targa Pylons
  • Resin Corpse Piles
  • Resin Dark Stone Shard Terrain
  • Resin Gun Sprues
  • Resin Deluxe Depth Tracker
  • Resin Deluxe Six-Shooter and Bullets
  • Resin Crates/Barrels/Sacks Terrain


  • Prospector
  • Orphan
  • Drifter
  • Frontier Doc
  • Cowboy
  • Jargono Native

Hobby Material

  • Heroes of the Old West Paint Set
  • Creatures of the Void Paint Set


  • Pad of Blank Hero Record Sheets
  • Pad of Blank Enemy Record Sheets
  • Vinyl Sticker Set

Shadows of Brimstone

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