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Flying Frog Productions Press Coverage


12/5/2012 GeekDad on Conquest of Planet Earth Is Hilarious Classic Sci-Fi Schtick
11/29/2012 Father Geek Review of 'Conquest of Planet Earth'
11/7/2012 The Gaming Gang Review of 'A Touch of Evil'
10/31/2012 GeekDad on Last Night on Earth Sequel Timber Peak Continues the Zombie Fun
10/28/2012 The Gaming Gang Podcast Episode 49: Halloween Special with A Touch of Evil
10/26/2012 GeekDad on 13 Spooky Board Games for Your Halloween Game Night featuring 'Last Night on Earth'
9/7/2012 GeekDad on Tabletop Gaming at PAX Prime 2012
9/6/2012 Star Wars & Game of Thrones with a call out link to Robot Viking (Timber Peak Sets the Zombies on Fire!)
9/5/2012 The Gaming Gang Extra 74: Gen Con 2012 – Flying Frog Productions
9/2/2012 Woot! PAX 2012: A Touch Of Evil
9/1/2012 Gamespot's Coverage of PAX Prime 2012 Rich and Rob visit the Flying Frog Booth at PAX (1hr, 38min into the video coverage)
8/31/2012 Robot Viking Timber Peak Sets the Zombies on Fire!
8/31/2012 The Spiel at the Flying Frog Booth at Gen Con 2012: Jason and Scott Hill Discuss the new Expansions
8/31/2012 The Spiel at the Flying Frog Booth at Gen Con 2012: Meet The Characters
7/31/2012 MTV Geek Flying Frog Productions Opens Game Pre-Orders, Details Gen Con Plans
3/28/2012 The Gaming Gang More Evil Details, but Just a Touch
3/22/2012 The Gaming Gang Flying Frog Has Four Expansions in the Works
3/15/2012 MTV Geek 'Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game' Gets a Major Upgrade


12/21/2011 GeekDad on Board Game Snapshots featuring 'Fortune and Glory'
11/18/2011 MTV Geek Game Review: Conquest of Planet Earth is Landing on a Table Near You
10/25/2011 MTV Geek The Creepiest Halloween BOO-ard Games (Part 2!)
8/31/2011 GeekDad on PAX Prime 2011 Through a Boardgamer’s Eyes featuring 'Fortune and Glory'
8/31/2011 MTV Geek The Hottest New Tabletop Games of PAX Prime 2011 featuring 'Fortune and Glory'
8/29/2011 Woot! PAX 2011: Invasion From Outer Space (Or, Flying Frog Does It Again)
8/27/2011 Woot! PAX 2011: Fortune and Glory, My Personal Best in Show
8/6/2011 MTV Geek Gen Con: Pulp Thrills In The Vendors' Room
3/22/2011 Flying Frog Announce ‘Fortune and Glory’


12/28/2010 MTV Geek It's More Zombie Game Action With 'Last Night On Earth: Survival of the Fittest!'
11/13/2010 Fantastic Flying Frog
11/7/2010 GeekDad on They’re COMING! It’s an Invasion From Outer Space!
10/28/2010 GeekDad on This Could Be Your Last Night on Earth
10/27/2010 MTV Geek The Creepiest Halloween BOO-ard Games!
10/13/2010 The Game of the Day | Invasion from Outer Space Review
9/16/2010 Mail Order Zombie Podcast | Episode 138 Interview with Scott Hill from Flying Frog Productions
9/15/2010 Giant Fire Breathing Robot | Hunger for Zombies?
9/10/2010 Giant Fire Breathing Robot | PAX 2010 Coverage
9/10/2010 GeekDad on PAX 2010 | Invasion from Outer Space and Conquest of Planet Earth Preview
9/9/2010 The Spiel | Shambling commentary... the PAX report...
9/6/2010 Weekly Geek Podcast | PAX 2010 Recap (Last Night on Earth discussed @ 18min 30sec)
8/9/2010 Dice with Death GenCon 2010|DM Retrospective
5/14/2010 A Touch of Evil Video Review
3/30/2010 The Haunted Game Cafe:Invasion from Outer Space
3/29/2010 Flying Frog Adds SF With Alien Invasions
3/29/2010 All Things Fun! 2010 GAMA Trade Show (GTS) Blog


11/3/2009 G4 aired this 'Quick Hit' Review of Last Night on Earth on the TV Show, 'Attack of the Show'
10/20/2009 Flames Rising Review of Something Wicked and ATOE: Hero Pack One
9/7/2009 Game Designer Interview - Jason Hill of Flying Frog Productions
9/02/2009 YouTube:ITV Interview with Scott at Crypticon 2009
8/24/2009 D6G Gencon 2009 Bonus 2: Arcane Legions & Flying Frog Interviews
7/27/09 Gamer's Haven Snipped Episode 4
7/15/2009 Geekdad
4/29/2009 Podcast: OgreCave GNU - GAMA Trade Show ‘09: Flying Frog
4/10/2009 Game Night Geekshow


11/16/2008 YouTube:Inside The Box - 08 - Flying Frog 1
11/16/2008 YouTube:Inside The Box - 08 - Flying Frog 2
11/15/2008 Podcast: ScapeTalk 21
11/11/2008 Podcast: D6G Episode 19: Monsterpocalypse Captions & A Touch of Evil detailed review
10/20/2008 Podcast: The Spiel, Episode 65: Touching Buffy
9/14/2008 Episode 2 - The Great Divide
9/5/2008 Podcast: 'ScapeTalk - GenCon '08 Special
8/31/2008 Episode #1 - Premiere Episode (An Auspicious Beginning!)/ Gen Con 2008
7/31/2008 Podcast: The Games the Thing, Episode 037: Origins Kenneth Hite Interview and Last Night on Earth
7/22/2008 Web Comic: Breaking the Magic, Our Last Night on Earth
7/8/2008 Podcast: The Games the Thing, Episode 035: Origins Game Fair 2008 Wrap-Up
7/7/2008 Podcast: The Spiel, Episode 58 - Origins 2008
5/24/2008 Podcast: Meeples & Miniatures - Episode #33
5/21/2008 Podcast:ScapeTalk - Episode 18


11/26/2007 Podcast: The Spiel, Episode 43: Unwrapped - 2007 Holiday Gift Guide
10/29/2007 Podcast: The Spiel, Episode 41: Boo!
10/22/2007 Podcast: Meeples & Miniatures - Episode #21
8/13/2007 Interview: Jason Hill, Designer of Last Night on Earth
Flying Frog Productions
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